Ferndale Airbnb by photographer Vanessa Hope Bowser

Instagram isn’t just for showcasing your property to guests—it’s also become a platform for short-term rental hosts to connect with each other and share their best tips. This use-case is exactly what a savvy group of Airbnb hosts had in mind when they launched #TheHostCollaborative, a social media initiative that encourages vacation rental hosts to share their behind-the-scenes highlights and learnings. What started as a 10-day challenge, with each day spotlighting a different theme, has grown into a 22-week photo challenge, ensuring that collaborative fun will continue for the rest of the year.

During the first 10 days of the challenge, we learned a lot about the STR community. There were personalized introductions, genius “hosting hacks” and virtual property tours (some featuring fluffy friends). Our favorite day, though, was day 8, when hosts shared their most-raved about their guest amenities. Going far beyond the basics of shampoo and body wash, hosts are now getting super creative with the extra little touches they offer their guests.

From locally sourced goodies to indulgent flower baths, we’ve rounded up 12 unique amenities hosts are offering to their guests. 

1. Flower bouquets at Ferndale Airbnb

With a half-acre garden brimming with blooms, Ferndale Airbnb has no shortage of flowers to add to their beautiful arrangements. Each guest is greeted with a flower bouquet upon arrival—as well as some local beers and baked treats. The garden also serves as as occasional event space for baby showers, tea parties, and small weddings, which can be booked directly through hosts Caroline and Stuart.

2. Maui Sweet Cakes at THERE Maui House

Hosts Brandon and Klara of THERE Maui House have teamed up with a local bakery to put together a delicious welcome basket of cookies and tropical fruit-flavored shortbread. We’re not surprised to hear guests often end up making a trip to the bakery afterward to bring home some a taste of Hawaii to friends and family.

3. Outdoor movie nights at The Lofthouse

One of the most popular amenities at The Lofthouse is their outdoor movie night add-on, which guests can book online for the night of their choice through the property’s ATLIST guest experience page. Complete with cozy blankets and pillows, plus all the classic movie night snacks, the only tough decision is choosing what to watch.

4. Pre-stamped postcards at The Dusty Rose

Hosts Anna and Dustin at The Dusty Rose have found a perfect way to promote their destination and give guests a retro memento to send via snail mail. Each pre-stamped postcard features custom artwork and includes their vacation rental info—a win-win for both hosts and guests.

5. Handmade chocolate truffles at Alpen Glow Cabin

Is there anything more indulgent than a box of handmade chocolate truffles? At Alpen Glow Cabin, hosts Christine and Daniel are supporting the mission of ethical chocolate maker, Fortuna Chocolate, while also giving guests a tasty treat to take home (or, more likely, devour on-property). But shh—these truffles are technically supposed to be a surprise for guests when they check-in.

6. Anniversary and birthday add-ons at Oasis Palm Springs

At Oasis in Palm Springs, host Nathan has made it even easier for guests to celebrate their special milestones during their stay. Through the property's ATLIST page, guests can book special occasions add-ons like the Anniversary Celebration Package, and even choose the bubbly and cake flavor of their choice before checking out online.

7. Scented candles at Belle Haven Cottage

Believing that the scent of a room is just as important as its appearance, host Elizabeth has adorned the Belle Haven Cottage with candles from local producer Sydney Hale Co. One whiff of the Tobacco + Sandalwood aroma will instantly have you lulled into complete tranquility. 

8. Mini mouthwashes at Boho A-Frame Cabin

In a world of around-the-clock coffee and protective face masks, fresh breath has become a priority. Unsurprisingly, these mini bottles of Crest mouthwash are a hit among the guests at Boho A-Frame Cabin. Kudos to host Candice for cleverly offering the one thing most people forget to pack.

9. Farm fresh bacon at La Casita Cacao

Hosts Natalie and Selin of La Casita Cacao have spent the past three years working hard to sustainably and ethically raise their own food at The Little Desert Farmstead. The payoff? Starting the day with a delicious breakfast complete with organic and hormone-free bacon, which guests love as much as they do. Bonus: their farm fresh cuts of pork and beef are now available to buy on a first come, first serve basis.

10. The wood-burning fireplace at Black Gold Cabin

This fireplace was one of the few original features that hosts Christine and Kyle preserved in Black Gold Cabin, and for good reason. Built in 1938 using stones from the nearby Gold Mountain, this vintage masterpiece perfectly complements the rustic, woodsy feel of this sustainable cabin. Bring on the s'mores and board games!

11. Mia the golden retriever at Rockridge Casita

Scroll through Rockridge Casita’s reviews on Airbnb and you’ll see past guests raving about all the lovely extra touches including chocolates, fresh flowers, the bathrobes, and wine. But the ultimate guest amenity, hands-down, is Mia, host Diana’s beautiful golden retriever. While she’s technically not allowed inside the casita, she’s always waiting nearby for belly rubs and a game of fetch.

12. Balinese flower baths at Sabda Villas

On the island of Bali, host Daly helps his guests have a spa day without even having to leave their villa. With his “flower bath” add-on, guests can opt to have their bathtub drawn with soothing oils and fragrant petals from the island. For guests looking to further elevate their "me time", an in-villa massage or a wine delivery can also be arranged online through Sabda Villa's ATLIST guest experience page.

Curious about how you can collaborate with ATLIST to create a custom guest experience web page for your add-on amenities, services, and activities? Check out some client examples here and here, and contact us to book a one-on-one meeting with a member of our team.