Hotels in New York are reopening their doors for a good cause: to house medical professionals leading the fight against COVID-19. We at ATLIST want to do our part to say thank you to these healthcare heroes — and help make their stay a little brighter.

As a tech company working in the hospitality space, we know that even the smallest gesture can make a world of difference. To do our part to help, ATLIST is coordinating with businesses to deliver care packages filled with healthy snacks and personal care items to participating hotels. Whether it’s grabbing a protein bar in the morning or taking a toiletry kit for an overnight shift, we hope these practical items will be useful to those on the front lines.

Why hotels?

Many first responders are in need of a comfortable refuge between long shifts. Some have traveled in from out-of-state or cannot risk infecting immuno-compromised family members at home. Having a safe and clean place to retreat to after a long day is paramount to the wellbeing of our essential medical personnel.

On April 7, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) announced that more than 15,000 hotels across the country have joined the “Hospitality for Hope” initiative. The program connects healthcare professionals with 2.3 million rooms located in close proximity to medical facilities across the US.

Hotels step up

Hotels including the Four Seasons New York, St. Regis New York, Room Mate Grace, and the Wythe Hotel are just a few of the local properties that have stepped up to offer hundreds of rooms for the cause.

“It has been so impressive to see hotel after hotel join this important initiative as a way of giving back to the communities in which they operate,” said Chip Rogers, AHLA president and CEO, in a statement. “As an industry of people taking care of people, the hotel industry is uniquely positioned to support our communities by caring for the first responders who are on the front lines of this public health crisis.”

Our commitment

Giving back — both at home in New York and while traveling — has always been one of our core values. We at ATLIST are pleased to participate in this initiative by coordinating the delivery of weekly care packages to hotels in the New York area, including Room Mate Grace and The Wythe Hotel, for the next four weeks.

To create the care packages, we will be partnering with small businesses including CORE Foods, Seed Phytonutrients, KEHO, Cocofloss, and SW Basics.

These mission-driven brands have generously donated practical items including protein bars, hand salve, lip balm, and dental floss.

How you can help

To show our collective gratitude, we will be encouraging the general public to share messages of support for the medical community. Leave a comment to add your uplifting note to our digital thank you card.

If you’re a small business who would like to donate product to our care packages or a hotel housing healthcare workers, please contact us here.

We’re all in this together. Please join us in thanking our courageous heroes in scrubs for all that they do.

A few of the mission-driven brands that have joined our initiative