Supporting small businesses has always been a core part of our DNA. When we travel, it’s the hyper-local experiences—visiting an organic farm, buying a handwoven rug at a market, or taking a class with a knowledgeable chef—that make our trip memorable. So when our clients expressed an interest in partnering with local activity providers to offer their guests unique experiences, we wanted to give them a seamless way to do so.

We’re excited to announce that ATLIST now integrates with the FareHarbor API. This means that hotels, hosts, and vacation rental management companies using our platform can now easily choose and add their preferred activity providers on FareHarbor to their ATLIST page. Through this integration, vendor calendars are automatically synced to display real-time availability, allowing guests to reserve a date and time and check-out directly on a property’s ATLIST page. 

Why is this awesome? Well, for one thing, boutique properties that don’t offer an extensive catalog of in-house experiences can now easily expand their breadth of offerings. Automated scheduling reduces the back and forth over email that would typically ensue when coordinating activities for guests. Yet, travelers can still stay within a property’s branded environment when shopping for curated experiences that will enhance their trip. As if supporting local businesses wasn't cool enough, hotels and hosts can also earn a referral fee from their partners without having to worry about transferring money or collecting cash. All commission splits are handled automatically through ATLIST via our platform’s integration with Stripe Connect. 

‍Why FareHarbor?

We chose FareHarbor for our first reservation system integration because many of our clients already work with vendors on FareHarbor. From eco-tour operators like Kipu Ranch Adventures to knowledgeable guides like Spirit of Arizona, independent activity providers prefer using FareHarbor to power online reservations due to the ease of use and fair commission fees. After all, the platform is a family-owned business itself. Founded in 2013, FareHarbor launched shortly after co-founder Zachary Hester and his brother Lawrence planned a family vacation to Hawaii. After finding it challenging to book activities online during their trip, they set out to create an online reservation system designed to empower tour operators competing with big box companies. Today, the Honolulu-based platform supports more than 3,000 activity providers, booking agents, and concierge desks in 50 states plus the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands. 

Adding FareHarbor vendors to your ATLIST page

‍Whether you’re a boutique hotel with existing vendor partnerships or a host managing a property remotely, we offer a few different options for onboarding activity partners. 

1) Select your vendors

Pro Plan members can now choose from a list of activity providers in their state that our platform already integrates with. Just tell us where your property is located and we’ll send you a curated list of vendors in your area. Want to onboard an external vendor that’s not on FareHarbor? Upgrade to our Business Plan to explore our custom integrations. 

2) Request permission to add a vendor to your page‍

Like any partnership, it’s a two-way street. We’ll send a request to your selected vendors asking permission to add their services to your page. Most vendors pay a set referral fee of 5-20%, so you and your vendor will need to agree on the partnership terms before moving forward.‍

3) Personalize your vendor recommendations with expert tips

Once a vendor has agreed to partner with you, our content team will help you add their posts to your page. Then, personalize your posts with your expert tips explaining why you are recommending this experience to your guests. 

Curious about how you can partner with activity providers on ATLIST? Click here to learn more about our vendor onboarding process.